Instant Evaluation Reports

Nexus Scorer provides a “Dashboard”- a snapshot of a student’s performance across subjects, chapters, units and concepts. It’s a report card a student would not mind sharing with parents.

 It also gives the rank a student is likely to get in the Engineering and Medical Entrance Examination where even a single mark has a significant effect on the rank and the student can work backwards to improve.


The fact that “Nexus Scorer” is not a commercial product but a  purpose driven tool to genuinely help students improve their performance and attain higher grades drives us to offer the tool at a very reasonable price. Test it to believe it!


The software operates realtime and instantly adapts itself to the student in terms of his/her learning needs, speed, target knowledge, time available and even moods.

The mock tests are progressively harder and takes the student gradually and effortlessly into difficult terrains.

Generic software available in the market are off-the-shelf products and designed for the masses.

Nexus Scorer Unique Features

  • Is tailor made for individuals felt (not expressed) needs
  • Has facility to study either selective or descriptive
  • Has facility for Concept based study
  • Records the student’s memory pattern
  • Has five different modes of Learning
  • Teaches the student only what he/she does not know and needs to know for the Exam
  • Simulates Real-time Exams to boost the student’s confidence
  • Detailed Performance analysis


  • Individual’s needs are always different
  • Depending upon the student’s interest and need
  • To gain deeper knowledge of the subject
  • Questions are framed depending upon student’s forgetting history
  • Option to choose any mode depending upon the time available to the student
  • Optimum use of time
  • Practice the Exams before actually writing it
  • To Know the areas a student is weak in