Why Nexus Scorer?

  • Nexus Scorer is a state-of-the-art online educational tool tailor made for every student adjusting itself dynamically to a student’s memory power, concentration, knowledge and time available.
  • Nexus Scorer does not waste time teaching what a student knows already but switches content dynamically to what he/she needs to know to help attain better grades and higher ranks.
  • By analysing a student’s performance in a single mock test, Nexus Scorer can instantly list the concepts a student needs improvement
  • Nexus Scorer does not just give the correct answer for a wrong attempt. It has 3 layers of remediation. It starts with a “Clue” to help a student recollect on his/her own, then goes on to provide the “Principle” and if all fails, finally provides with that part of the textbook, “Tutorial” that is needed to revise again to nail the answer the next time.
  • By going through this process of step by step correction, the concept is reinforced strongly and the student would never go wrong on a similar question…

About One-spot Nexusinfo

ONE SPOT NEXUSINFO PVT. LTD. is a reputed name for a variety of unique and comprehensive solutions to a wide array of industries. Headquartered at Bangalore in India, the Company caters to the IT needs of its clients, Skill development, and Corporate training for the empowerment of people are its other objects.

The solutions delivered by ONE SPOT NEXUSINFO PVT. LTD. extend to various segments in Corporate, SMES, Education, and others. In a decade of its existence, ONE SPOT NEXUSINFO PVT. LTD. has grown fast and made its presence felt at pan-India and global levels. Efficiency, reliability, and quality of its products & Services are its driving forces.

As each customer is different and has a different set of needs, ONE SPOT NEXUSINFO PVT. LTD. serves the clients through its four verticals. Each of the verticals caters to the specific needs of the clients to provide the right solution. ‘Nexusinfo’, ‘Nexus School Bazaar’, ‘Nexus Skills Development Academy’ and ‘Nexus Consultations’ are these verticals. The company will establish a few more verticals to address the growing needs of its clients. The plans will see the light of the day in the years ahead.